Booking Policy

  • Check-in: 5pm to 6pm ( Fleixible by prior arrangement only)
  • Check out by: 11am
  • Bed linen, hand towels, hand sanitiser, dish cloths/towels, washing up liquid are provided
  • Please bring your own bath/shower towels due to COVID-19
  • Guests are responsible for their washing up and must leave the yurts and cabins in the same clean state as they were on arrival
  • No smoking inside the yurts or other enclosed structures
  • No noisy parties or events
  • Pets are allowed by prior arrangement and agreement only. Extra terms and costs will apply.
  • No amplified music and guests to keep sound levels minimised after 11pm
  • Any damage or breakages to be reported immediately
  • 100% payment required up front.
  • £250 security deposit pre-authorised on day of check in. Released within 48 hours if no claim required.
  • When booking you agree to the terms and conditions detailed in the Yurt Rules detailed below.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your booking and receive a 75% refund up to 45 days before check in. After that date and up to 14 days before check in, you may cancel and receive a 25% refund. No refund will be provided if you cancel within 14 days of check in.

You may reschedule your booking as detailed below.

In the event of government imposed travel restrictions due to COVID-19 then you will be able to reschedule your booking. We will be flexible in terms of refunding in full (excepting 3rd party site commission/transaction/booking fees where applicable) if you are unable to reschedule.

We hope that the situation never arises but we reserve the right to cancel your booking up to 30 days before check in  You will be entitled to a full refund in this case.

Reschedule Policy

You may request a reschedule of your booking up to 45 days before check in at no extra cost.

Between 45 days and 14 days of check in, you may request a reschedule of your booking at our discretion but there will be an extra fee applied of up to 25% of the total booking cost.

Between 14 and 7 days of check in, you may request a reschedule of your booking at our discretion but there will be an extra fee applied of up to 50% of the total booking cost.  

Within 7 days of check in, you may request a reschedule of your booking at our discretion but there will be an extra fee applied of up to 100% of the total booking cost. 

You will have to pay the prevailing rate for the new dates if greater than the original booking cost.

Yurt Rules

Check in from 5pm. Check out by 11am. What we ask of you….simple respect! 


THERE IS STRICTLY NO SMOKING INSIDE THE YURTS. CANDLES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE YURTS OR ON THE DECK OUTSIDE THE YURTS OR CABINS. The only naked flames in the yurt should be you and the lighter used to start the wood burning stove! Please don’t leave any fire or BBQ unattended. Never hang anything on or close to any fire guards or close to the stove. You are advised to wear suitable gloves when tending the stove, BBQ or fire. Fires are restricted to the wood burning stove, BBQ and fire pits only. The stove, BBQ and fire pits should be lit and tended by a responsible adult only. Do not leave fires unattended! There are fire extinguishers and fire blankets in the yurts and cabins. 

Wood Burning Stove/BBQ/Firepit: 

 Logs or sawdust briquettes only to be used in the wood burning stove. That means no coal to be burned, it will destroy the stove. When using the wood burning stove in the yurt, do not run it with the door open. When starting the stove you can leave the door latched in the ‘open’ position. Once started please fully close the door and control the fire using the spin valve on the door. Be careful when adding fuel that nothing falls out of the fire. You can use the little BBQ on the deck outside the yurt but please ensure it is not near the hammocks or the yurt itself. And obviously…don’t overload it!! Sorry to hammer the point home but…do not leave fires unattended.. Please bring your own lighters/matches as we don’t provide them. 

Logs and Kindling: 

Logs, kindling and firelighters are provided ready for your arrival. If you need more logs then please ask, they are £5 a pack. Bags of firelighters are available for £1 each. Kindling available at £1 per box or purchase from the DIY store in Corwen. Please do not help yourselves to logs or firewood from our log store or wood sheds. 


 230v power is provided in the yurt and cabin but please note that we ask that use is limited to Laptops, phone chargers, stereo etc. At a push you can use a hair dryer but no electric heaters, portable fridges etc. Please unplug all devices when you go out for the day. Please bring your own electric torches/lanterns etc to use outside the yurt. 


The kitchen has a gas cooker and electric fridge. As we are off grid and generate all our own electricity, as well as trying to live as lightly on the earth as possible, we ask that you are mindful of the use of gas and water.. Please run a bowl (or two) of water for your washing up rather than switching the tap on and off, this is because the water is powered by an electric pump which uses a lot of power when starting and stopping. It’s also in our bathroom in the house and is very noisy! Turn the taps on fully when using them…turn them off completely afterwards. 

The Log Cabin Shower Room and Toilet: 

 Instructions on using the shower are in the shower room. Again please be mindful of conserving water, electricity and gas. We want you to enjoy a good shower, but please try to not stay too long in there…you might melt!!! Maximum of 5 minutes per shower please. The shower, sinks and toilet waste go into a macerator which feeds into our septic tank. It is vital that only the minimal amount of loo paper is put in the toilet and absolutely nothing else. NO WET WIPES, TAMPONS OR SANITARY TOWELS IN THE LOO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. A small waste bin is provided for tampons, sanitary towels, nappies, wet wipes etc, excess loo roll etc. If you block the macerator you’ll have to pay for fixing it! When flushing the toilet please hold the large button down until all the water has stopped running.

The Compost Toilet: 

 It works by separating solids and liquids. That can only happen if you sit down to pee, including the guys! The ONLY liquid that should go into the toilet is pee. and please direct that into the funnel at the front. If you are having a poo then once you’ve done, please sprinkle a small handful or 1/4 cupful of sawdust (found in a bucket next to the loo) into the rear section of the toilet where the solids and toilet paper go. Any other materials such as sanitary towels, tampons, facial wipes and nappies should be put in a waste bin. When used and managed properly, the toilet waste quickly biodegrades into usable compost and plant food. There is hot running water to wash your hands and shower with. Please ensure that taps are turned off fully after use. 


We ask that no shoes/boots are worn inside the yurts or cabin. Please leave shoes/boots (particularly when they are dirty) outside the yurts and cabins or in the boot racks provided. 

Cleaning Up: 

Please leave the yurt, kitchen area, shower and toilet as clean as you found them. So all pots, pans and crockery to be washed, and the barbecue emptied of ash and cleaned if you’ve used it. The cooker should be left as clean as you found it. We charge a very small ‘cleaning fee’ to vacuum, wash the linen, sort the loo out and make everything sparkling for the next guests….not to tidy up after you or do your washing up! Dust pan/brush, washing up liquid, tea towels and dish cloths are provided in the cabin. We all love a good massage but if you are going to get all hands on and oily then please ensure that you bring your own sheets and blankets to use. We reserve the right to charge extra for cleaning/laundry if required. 


Please separate your waste!!! Put recyclable metal, plastic, glass, and paper in the recycling bin in the cabin. All non recyclable waste goes into the general waste bin in the cabin please. All food waste to be put in the little compost bin on the wall. There are small waste bins in the yurts and bathrooms for general non-recyclable waste. If any bins need emptying, please let us know. Please note that wet wipes and single use plastic bottles are banned on site! We will fine you £1 per item and donate the monies to Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth!! 


Please use the pots, pans and kettle provided on the wood stove and gas stove only. They aren’t designed for the BBQ or the fire pits. The handles melt!!! Please ensure gas oven/grill/hobs turned off fully after use. There is a cast iron dutch oven cookset provided in the bigger yurt kitchen. Please ensure that you follow the instructions with regard to usage and cleaning. If you don’t and the items are damaged we will have no option but to charge for replacements. 

 Be Green and Eco friendly: 

Please ensure that you switch lights off when you are not using them, unplug all devices when you go out and be mindful of energy consumption and waste. Ensure that taps are turned off fully after use.

 Keeping food/drink cool: 

 A fridge is provided in the kitchen. Please note that the fridge will only be operational when temperatures are above 10 degrees Celsius. The small spring fed pond next to the it provides a great place to quickly chill bottles, cans, milk etc. No plug in fridges are allowed on site.  WiFi/Internet:  A WiFi connection to the internet is provided in the yurts/cabin as a courtesy but please note that due to our rural location and the yurt’s distance from the house, it can sometimes be a bit temperamental. If you need a better connection, then use of the WiFi at the main house may be possible. 4G signal is generally good here on Vodafone and associated providers.

 Problems, breakages, damage, security deposit: 

Any problems, damage, breakages etc….please let us know ASAP – come and find us or email/text/call if we aren’t in. It is not our policy to give refunds for anything we can remedy which makes your stay less than enjoyable without being contacted first either by phone or in person. Should any significant damage occur during your stay you will be held responsible and must make good to a reasonable market value. We reserve the right to charge for excessive cleaning where spaces have been left in an unacceptable condition through waste, litter, interference with the structure, movement of furniture and contents etc. A security deposit is pre-authorised at 4pm on the date you are due to check in. This is to cover any damage that you, any other member of your party or your pets might cause during your stay. No monies will be taken from you unless we initiate the process during or after your stay and we will communicate with you to discuss the matter first. Your security deposit pre-authorisation will be released 72 hours after check-out.


 You are responsible for the supervision of your children at all times. Please be aware of their activities by the pond/stream and around fires and the stove.


A well behaved and fully house trained puppy/dog will be allowed by prior arrangement only. DO NOT BOOK UNTIL YOU HAVE OBTAINED OUR EXPRESS AGREEMENT TO BRING YOUR DOG(S). There will be an extra charge of £5/night/dog which will be taken care of by altering the reservation. By booking you agree to cover all costs associated with damage caused by your pet. The deposit will be used to put towards those costs in the event of any damage. Please note that all rugs and some furnishings will be removed from the yurt if you bring your pet to minimise potential cleaning problems and to mitigate allergy issues for future guests. If we have agreed that you could bring your pets then please clean up after them and ensure that they don’t chase the chickens/cats/sheep/children etc…if they do then you will have to keep them on a lead outside the yurt. Your pets that is…not the cats, chooks, sheep or kids!


 Paths are provided to the yurts but may be uneven, wet and slippery at times. The yurts are in small grassed and gravelled areas with some steep banks, steps and stony terrain. Please take care and bring appropriate footwear such as wellies or hiking boots.

 Guest Conduct: 

Guests undertake to behave in a proper, appropriate and legal manner with due consideration and respect to the owners, the property, other guests and their property. If any guest behaves inappropriately or improperly or illegally, we reserve the right to remove the guest and their party from the property before the end of their holiday. In this event no refund will be provided. No amplified music after 11pm and volume to be kept to a level where others are not disturbed. No traditional or noisy stag/hen/birthday parties allowed!!


Guests will be liable for any fire, damage, or alteration to the structure of the yurt or other parts of the site caused by negligence. It is prohibited to interfere or adapt the structure of the yurts or cabins in any way. 


Guests are asked to take care at all times while on our property. We accept no liability for accident, loss of property or personal injury incurred whilst on site. Axes, fires and knives should be used by a responsible adult only.

Weather conditions: 

Please note that on the fairly infrequent occasions that the temperature drops below zero for more than a few of days the water supply to the big yurt kitchenette/shower and the log cabin may start to freeze and we might then have to drain the system to prevent damage to pipes/fittings and the water heaters. We have ‘winterised’ the log cabin plumbing but if the temperature seriously drops below zero for an extended period then there won’t be much we can do. We will be able to supply water in containers for drinking, cooking and washing and the compost loo will still be fully functional. We are up at 400m so if there is heavy and persistent snowfall, access to the property from the village one mile away may only be possible on foot or in a 4×4 vehicle. It’s all part of the adventure!!! 

Greener Camping Club Membership: 

In order to comply with countryside planning policy, we operate as a Greener Camping Club members only campsite. The club was established by people with a passion for sustainable, eco-friendly camping holidays. Membership costs just £10 for the calendar year and provides access to some of the greenest campsites in the UK. It also includes participation in the Club’s ‘Trees for Life’ scheme, whereby a tree is planted for every Member we enrol. When you book, we will automatically enroll you as a member of the Greener Camping Club. The cost of this non-optional membership will be covered in the booking charges as the ‘GCC Membership Fee’. If you are already a GCC member then please let us know after booking and we will refund the £10 membership charge after you check out. When booking you agree to provide us with your full name and email address in order that we can enroll you as a GCC member. We’ll issue your membership e-card by email before you check-in. If you do not provide your full name and email address within 48 hours of booking and at least 7 days before check-in, then we reserve the right to refuse you entry to the campsite with no refund. Please note that if you cancel your booking, the £10 Greener Camping Club membership fee is not refundable.