Harvest Bounty

Harvest bounty

We are so grateful to the Great Mother for all She gives.  

Our garden has produced beautiful vegetables, a variety of apples and gorgeous juicy plums all Summer.  These pumpkins are so pretty they’re sitting on our dining table like a Masterpiece.  

Then there are the wild mushrooms. I was always so confused when I went out foraging, I would come back with a basket full of them, only to spend hours on the internet trying to identify them only to be scared off by the warnings of dangerous they could be if they were misidentified. 

Then a dear friend Steve took me out foraging and taught me just three types:  Ceps, Boletes and Honey Fungus.  He said just ignore everything else and only look for these.  To my amazement, the next time I went out, there they were and I’ve been lucky in finding loads more since.  Thank you!


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