Summer of Love…

Bio energy mediation retreat

Our first year after opening has succeeded our dreams by far.  We have hosted six retreats which have been so much fun, bringing people together to share a mutual love of life, the planet and our fellow creatures.

We have been honoured to welcome new people and welcome ones we already knew to share the joy of creating and helping each other to grow, be the love we were born to be, and to laugh, dance and spread the love.  

Ty Mam Mawr – The House of the Great Mother has become a teacher and living entity in her own right.  She is a space that holds, that clears away blocks and ultimately helps birth us into greater versions of who we were born to be.  It is a journey and we are so grateful for this opportunity of having this beautiful space for people to come to and hold their events.  

Next year we aim to hold a lot more workshops and events, so watch this space.  If you are interested in hiring Ty Mam Mawr please do contact us to talk through your requirements.



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