The little things that matter..

The little things that matter..

I really want to point out how grateful I am for all the little things that add up to making this place so special.  Some are not so little, like the beautiful forest that surrounds us, or the mountains and hills that is our view.  The huge open skies and the lack of light pollution, enabling us to see the stars so clearly that you could almost touch them.

Then there are all the flowers and trees that grace the land we live on, the bugs and our resident hedgehog Harry.  Our lovely chickens Essie, Issy and Ellie who are so comical chatting away to us and each other, as well as being quite elusive that we often can’t find where they’ve laid their eggs.

Then there are our three beloved cats who lend an extremely laid back cuteness quality to our home and are constantly entertaining with their antics and adventures.  Lastly, our two very spoilt and loving dogs, Ruby and Tilly.  The two have established their own hierarchy which shifts daily depending on the ‘job’ at hand.  They have a very good life, twice daily walks, the best food a dog could wish for and mountains of love.

Thank you to all of the above and most of all to The Great Mother for everything and embracing us as your children.

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