White Lions

White lions

We were deeply honoured to host the Global White Lion Protection Trusts weekend Leadership retreat.  Linda Tucker CEO and Julie Lines decided to hold their event here because it was so in line with their ethos of living living lightly on the planet and being a warrior for change.

The weekend was about becoming the best we can be in order to help the earth and all the animal kingdom, in particular the White Lions of Africa.  The course was about embracing lion principles in our actions and learning to live the qualities of what it takes to be lion hearted.

It was a powerful weekend, with teachings on becoming a true leader, creative art, group activities to solve issues such as ecology, water problems and educating our communities. There were some dynamic and cathartic rituals which ultimately led to a greater sense of empowerment in knowing we can all help the world to be a better place, and in fact we are all needed.

Click here to find out more about the Global White Lion Protection Trust

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